Cotton VS Other materials

Cotton VS Other materials


Cotton is a great fabric for clothing, but people often ask me why we use cotton over other materials. The answer is simple: it lasts longer! Cotton has been around for thousands of years, and for good reason. It's breathable, doesn't wrinkle easily and won't tear as easily as some other materials. Another benefit? Cotton is affordable!


A cotton garment is more durable than other types of fabrics. Cotton isn't as stretchy, so it stays in its shape. This means that it won't lose its shape and become stretched out over time. Also, the fibers in cotton don't pill up like they do in wool, which means you'll end up with fewer little balls on your clothes that need to be picked off.


Cotton is the most breathable of the three.

  • Cotton has a loose weave that allows for airflow, meaning it's able to absorb and release moisture more easily than polyester or synthetic materials can.
  • The breathability of cotton means that it dries faster, which helps prevent sweating and heat rashes (it also lends itself well to athletic wear).


Cotton is a little pricier than other materials, but not by much. Polyester and synthetic materials are cheaper, and if you care about your budget more than your comfort, they're the way to go. But there's one thing cotton does better than any other fabric in terms of price: it gets softer with each wash! So over time, buying an expensive pair of polyesters will actually cost you less money than buying a cheaper pair of cottons that get more comfortable with every wash cycle (and require less maintenance overall).

Cotton lasts longer

Cotton is a natural fiber that's more durable than polyester, which means it will last longer without breaking down. Cotton also absorbs moisture better than polyester, so it feels more comfortable against your skin. And cotton is less expensive than polyester, so you'll save money over time by choosing cotton!


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