Can Dad Use a Ring Sling?

Can Dad Use a Ring Sling?

The image of a parent carrying their child in a sling is as timeless as parenthood itself. However, the modern twist to this age-old practice is the inclusivity and versatility of babywearing options, such as the ring sling. Often, there's a misconception that babywearing is primarily for mothers, but let's bust that myth wide open: Dads can, and absolutely should, use a ring sling! Here's why embracing the ring sling can be a game-changer for dads looking to bond with their little ones.

Breaking Down the Benefits for Dads

Enhanced Bonding: The physical closeness of babywearing encourages a strong bond between dad and baby. This skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin in both the father and the child, fostering a sense of security and attachment.

Hands-Free Convenience: Dads can enjoy the freedom to go about their day—whether it's doing household chores, taking a walk, or grocery shopping—while keeping their baby close. This hands-free convenience doesn't just make multitasking easier; it also promotes active parenting participation.

Soothing for Baby: Babies in a ring sling are typically calmer and cry less. The snug, womb-like environment of the sling, combined with the dad's movements and heartbeat, can soothe a fussy baby, making life easier for everyone.

Promotes Early Learning: Babywearing offers the baby a front-row seat to the world from the safety of their dad's chest. This perspective is invaluable for cognitive development, as the baby is exposed to social interactions and environmental cues while feeling secure.

Physical Benefits: Using a ring sling can help distribute the baby's weight evenly across the dad's back and shoulders, reducing physical

strain. It's a comfortable option that allows for longer periods of bonding and reduces the risk of discomfort often associated with carrying a baby in arms.


Tips for Dads Using a Ring Sling

Getting the Right Fit: It's crucial to find a ring sling that fits well. Dads come in all shapes and sizes, so look for adjustable slings that can be easily modified to suit different body types.

Practice Makes Perfect: Don't be discouraged if the first try feels awkward. Practice putting on and adjusting the sling without the baby, then with a doll or a pillow, before moving on to the real deal. Patience and practice will make the process smoother.

Ensure Proper Positioning: The baby's position in the sling is vital for safety and comfort. Ensure the baby's face is always visible, with a clear airway, and that they're in a natural, supported posture that allows for healthy hip development.

Embrace the Experience: Beyond the practical benefits, wearing your baby is an experience to be cherished. Enjoy the closeness, the shared moments, and the knowledge that you are providing comfort and security to your little one.


Yes, dads can and should use a ring sling! It's an empowering tool that not only supports active fatherhood but also enhances the bonding experience. The benefits of using a ring sling extend far beyond convenience, offering emotional, cognitive, and physical advantages for both dad and baby. So, to all the dads out there: embrace the joy of babywearing and make the most of these precious early days with your child.

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